VR Arcade

VR Arcade in Turku!


FINAL SELLING 29.-30.12. OPEN 12-18. Televisions, computers, headsets, tables etc.

Bring your games to a new level in Cybernet! You can find us in the 3rd floor of Wiklund, near eWent. VR is at its best with friends! Our multiple play areas give amazing possibilities for multiplayer activities.

Our selection of nearly 50 games makes sure everyone finds something they'll like!

We also sell gift cards which make excellent gifts for the holidays!


Customer feedback

"Fun for all ages!"

"The best entertainment you can get with your money!"

"Well now we found a place where the sense of time disappeared completely! The playgrounds were clean and spacious, so when I waved my sword I didn’t hit the walls. The staff clearly instructed me in the use of the equipment and after getting used to it I immediately got to the hang of playing. 5/5 experience and will definitely go again with a bigger group!"

"Absolutely awesome! A mind blowing experience! Suitable for both beginners and veterans. Good and friendly guidance and instructions throughout the game. The hour went by so fast! Able to play alone or in a group."

"Had an amazing 9-year-old birthday party. I recommend!"

"An idea for a different kind of date-night!"


Before making a reservation, here's some tips

Group size

I'll be coming alone -> Reserve a single booth.

Multiple players with multiplayer -> Everyone needs their own booth.

Multiple players with others watching others play -> You can reserve a single booth for up to 3 people.



Pick a date and time.

Pick the duration of the reservation

With the Premium -booking we're using the HTC Viven pro-headset and with the regular booking the normal HTC Vive headset.





Please arrive in time! Preferably 5-10 minutes in advance.

After payment, we'll walk you through the devices.

We'll also help with the games themselves if necessary.

No shoes in the booths!






What's VR?

VR (Virtual Reality) is an almost life-like computer generated 3D-world that you can access by putting on a VR-headset. We are currently using HTC-Vive headsets and controllers.


Who's VR for?

We think that VR is for everyone regardless of age or prior experience! Everyone's sure to find something from our large selection of games.

Age ratings can be set for each booth separately. We follow the ratings carefully since the games are quite a lot more life like when experienced in VR compared to traditional gaming





Practical matters

The amount of players

There's always a single player playing in a booth at a time. Watching other peoples gameplay from our 4k TVs is also a blast! Pictures and videos are allowed and even encouraged!

For groups of more than 10 people, we recommend booking a private event. In a private event all of Cybernet is reserved for you and your group only . This includes all ten of our gaming booths and a meeting room. In private events you can also bring your own drinks and food!



Eyeglasses can usually be used quite comfortably with a VR headset depending on the size of the glasses. If you're looking for extra comfort, the HTC-Vive Pro- headsets available with the Premium booking feature a bigger compartment for eyewear. Most games can also be played without glasses!



During the ongoing situation we're taking extra precautions concerning hygiene. Our equipment is sanitized after every use. Masks and hand sanitizer are also available in our lobby.


Difference between normal and premium bookings

In addition to the regular HTC-Vive- headsets we also offer a premium booking that includes the HTC-Vive Pro- headset. HTC Vive Pro- headsets feature improved image resolution (from 1080×1200 to 1440 x 1600), a more comfortable experience for people wearing glasses and the possibility to adjust volume independently.


Do you also sell gift cards?

Gift cars shop is closed.




Do you have any multiplayer games?

Our selection of games include many multiplayer games from different genres. The amount of players ranges from two all the way to ten!


Do you have any kid-friendly games?

Of course! Many of our games are rated S (allowed for everyone). Keep in mind that children under the age of five may have issues with the size of the headset.


I would like to request a game to add to your selection.

If you can think of a game to add to our selection, let us know! Well do our best to add add the games as soon as possible. You can let us know via e-mail (toimisto@cybernet.fi) or by talking to our staff during your next visit.  Do note that some games can't be added due to copyright reasons.


Is earlier experience required?

No earlier experience with VR or gaming is needed! Our staff is happy to help with any questions you might have. We'll walk you through the controllers and other equipment before you start playing.