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Cybernet - Virtual Reality Arcade in Turku

Cybernet – Virtual Reality Arcade

Enter a new kind of gaming experience in virtual reality or buy it as a gift card for your friend!

You can experience virtual reality arcade right in the center of Turku located in the Sokos Wiklund's 3 th floor. We have ten playing areas, so you can also enjoy playing the same game simultaneously with your friends.

Experience a variety of new worlds through virtual reality. Immerse yourself into the game, get new experiences and see breathtaking places. Every player has their own playing area, which provides each player a safe environment with six degrees of freedom and real-time motion tracking.

In virtual reality you can experience a great variety of different activities. Climb a mountain or explore the wonders of outer space without ever leaving the city center. Choose your own experience from a variety of games and activities and you always have the option of changing it during your playtime.

Book your game and enter a new reality!

What is virtual reality?

Virtual reality is a computer generated three-dimensional world which you can enter using our HTC Vive VR headset, motion tracking controllers and 3D audio headphones. Just put the VR headset on and become fully immersed into a whole new reality through graphics, sounds and interactions.

The HTC Vive system provides the user with a lifelike experience by utilizing all the senses. By seeing and hearing the virtual world around you the brain will adapt to the virtual reality within seconds. With our specially designed play areas you can physically move around in the game without having to worry about bumping into objects and tripping over wires. The experience is completely safe for everyone to enjoy.

Who can enjoy the virtual reality?

Virtual reality is for everyone. You don’t need any prior experience in virtual reality in order to enjoy it. We will guide you through the virtual landscape providing you with information about the games and equipment. You can always ask us for help if you are facing any trouble with your experience. Virtual reality isn’t just about playing games, you can also climb a mountain, go sightseeing in actual real-world locations or face your fear of heights on the top of a skyscraper. Our broad selection of different kinds of games and experiences has something that suits every preferences.

What can you do in the virtual reality?

At Cybernet we provide you with a room scaled virtual reality experience powered by the HTC Vive. The VR headset tracks your head’s movements in real-time, so looking around the virtual landscape feels natural. You can easily move and interact with objects or teleport yourself around the virtual world using the wireless controllers. The controllers play different roles in different experiences - you can use them as guns, swords or bats, all based on the game you have chosen. With the HTC Vive you have a total freedom over your movements within a 3m x 3m play area, which you can use to dodge arrows or incoming attacks - prepare to getting your muscles warm!.

Enter a whole new world and experience virtual reality today!