Cybernet - Groups and companies

Cybernet is an amazing place for schools and educational institutions, private events and recreational days for companies.

Cybernet has ten play areas. Play areas are designed to be used one person at the time but other people can see what the player is seeing through a monitor. You also have the option of reserving a single play area and using it one after another by changing the player. Recommended maximum amount of people per one play area is three.

Cybernet can accommodate up to 30 people.

There is also an option to play the same game simultaneously with multiple players, our personnel will assist you in setting up a multiplayer experience. Take the whole experience to a new level with interactive multiplayer.

VR-experience, group prices for 6-10 play areas at the same time.

16 €  / 30 minutes
32 € / 60 minutes

Private event.

370 € / 1h.

530 € / 1,5h.

650 € / 2h.

Prices include a 10 % VAT

Inquiries by phone: 044 230 7403. Send us an email.

370 € / 1h.

530€ / 1,5h.

650€ / 2h.